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We do our best to inspect every item before it ships for any problems. It is our mission that you are happy with our products. If you have a problem we encourage you to call us 734-502-8796, in most cases we can easily help to troubleshoot the problem on the phone. Before and after a boat is used, we will replace any defective parts for you free, or if you want we will fix the problem for you. We assure that we will give you the fast, friendly customer support you expect! Read more about our policy at the bottom of this page. *Always check for loose wires, and never charge your battery overnight. Weak transmitter batteries will not provide a strong signal to the boat.
Q. How Do I Contact Fish Fun Co.

Call us 1-(734)-502-8796 8:30am-5:30pm M-F. We are here to answer any questions you may have and if you would like to place an order we can process it over the phone for you. You can also use the contact us form, Here on our website. We are located in Michigan
Q. What Ages Are Your Remote Control Fishing Boats Recommended For?

All Ages! Designed for real fishing! We advise that anyone under 8 operate an rc fishing boat with supervision. Kids have fun rc fishing and there's no reason they can't, you should review the instructions with them to avoid any problems like not charging the battery the correct amount of time.
Q. Can I Pull in Fish with the Boat?

Sure, now that's a blast too, (kids favorite)! You can catch small fish like Bluegill's and Brim. Just attach the fishing line on The RC Fishing Pole and you're ready. Drive it out and when a fish bites the hook, drive it in. "The RC Fishing Pole" includes fishing line, hook, and bobber.
Q. How Many Ways Are There To Catch Fish?

Basically, the same as regular fishing , you can use your rc boat for bait casting. Attach your line, hook, bait, and keep it attached, until a fish hits. Drive it anywhere, keep moving it, until a fish hits. You can find a spot and drop the line there, by giving your line a TUG with your fishing rod. You can troll bait. Or you can use a spoon, use a bobber too if you want. The line disconnects automatically WHEN A FISH HITS from the "RC Fishing Pole", then you reel it in with your rod.
Q. How does the Fishing Line Release Feature Work? How Does "The RC Fishing Pole" take my line out and release it?

The line release is pretty simple.You get 15 sets of velcro dots with The Rc Fishing Pole. ne of the velcro dots goes on The Rc Fishing Pole and the other velcro dot goes on the end of your fishing line near your baited hook. Then attach your fishing line to the "RC Fishing Pole" from your fishing rod and open the caster on your fishing rod as if you were to cast, and your ready. Instead of casting use your rc boat remote controller, (transmitter) to take your line out. Drive your line as far as the boat can go, or until you run out of line! When a fish hits, the line will disconnect automatically from the "RC Fishing Pole", and then you reel in the fish with your rod.
Q. Does The Rc Fishing Pole Fits on Any Rc Boat?

Yes, The Rc Fishing Pole will turn any rc boat into a fish catching rc boat. You can pull in fish with the boat or use the line release. The Rc Fishing Pole includes two self adheisive brackets that you attach on your boat. It also includes fishing hook and line and 15 sets of the line release pads. See The Rc Fishing Pole Here,
Q. The Bait Bucket attaches on The Rc Fishing Pole, what is it for?

The Bait Bucket is an optional attachment for The Rc Fishing Pole. The Bait Bucket clips on The Rc Fishing Pole. It is basically a small box with a top door to fill it with chum and a bottom door that lets the chum and baited hook out. Fill it with chum and your baited hook, and it will release everything where you drive the boat. You can also deliver your baited hook in the Bait Bucket so that your bait is not in the water until you get to the spot you want to release it. See The Bait Bucket Here,
Q. What Happens When a Fish Hits the Line?

If you attach your line on The Rc Fishing Pole you drive the fish in with the boat. You can pull in fish up to about 4 lbs. When you use the line release feature with your regular fishing rod when the fish hits the line will disconnect from the boat and you rell in the fish with your rod. With the line release feature you can leave the line on the boat until a fish hits or you can give the line a tug to release it wherever you want.
Q. Can I Attach Lures and Live Bait?

Yes. Use a worm, or any other bait you like. You can also attach a buzzbait, crankbait, popper, spinner any hardbaits, or softbaits. Because The Radio Ranger Model has a variable speed controller you can troll your lure at any speed. You can use the line release or attach the line on the end of The Rc Fishing Pole or put it in the Bait Bucket and release it where you want. We sell different kinds of fishing tackle here you can also use for Rc Fishing Boats.
Q. Is Fishing with a Rc Boat Legal?
We know about a few specific states where there is a law about fishing using a remote controlled boat, the concern is pulling in the fish with the boat. In those states even though they may not allow pulling in the fish with the boat they all allow using the line release feature of "The RC Fishing Pole". Since the RC Fishing Pole also has the fishing line release feature, it has been accepted as allowed even in those states where pulling in the fish with the boat is not legal. Some states may have laws about using a remote control boat to catch fish. You can visit our page here for more about if your state has Rc Fishing Laws.
Q. Are There Any Promotions?
Get a Free Gift if You Call in Your Order, 734-502-8796. We have more promotions, we also have giveaways on our Facebook Page here, Check out our Video Promo Deal on Our Videos Page , Make a Rc Fishing Video and Get a Free Boat.
Q. Do You Ship International?
Yes. When you checkout choose "international shipping", then choose your country from the menu. If you do not choose your country or your country is not listed you may still checkout. You will receive a notification from us regarding additional shipping cost. Normal delivery time depends on your country. The average delivery time for international shipping is 7-14 days and can be as long as 21 days.
Q. Can You Use the Rc Fishing Boats in Saltwater?
Yes. After using the boat in saltwater fill a tub or sink with freshwater. Put the boat in the freshwater and pull the trigger a few times for a few seconds to flush the salt water out of the propeller shaft tubes. Then spray the propellers with oil spray like WD-40 and drip a few drops of oil into the propeller tubes.
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Returns: Box Arrives Damaged and Looks Like it May Not Work- Call us Contact us immediately, 1-2 days upon you receiving it by FedEx. If you are not satisfied with the condition, do not open the box. We will give you a claim number, and we will arrange with you to have the delivery company pick the item up from you, usually within 1-2 days. Then we will send you a new one within one week of us receiving it.
Call us or Contact us within 30 days of purchase. Defective boats are rare, problems are usually from an oversight, like the boat must be in water to operate, or the batteries are not in the remote correctly, or the switch on the boat or remote is off. Please follow the instructions that come with the product carefully. Call or email us and we will, first, help you troubleshoot the problem, if that does not work then we will ask you send it to us. When we get it we will see if there is a minor problem, like defective battery, or remote, then replace it, and send it back to you. If it is not something minor, we will send you a new one. We will also pay for return shipping to you. When you first get the boat, save the box and original packaging. It has to be in the original package with all the accessories, or we cannot process a claim for a defective boat.
Contact us within 30 days if the boat has been used. First check a few things, the boat must be in water to operate, and the batteries are in the remote correct, check the switch on the boat and remote. If the boat only goes left or right, and drives funny then you need to recharge the battery, or move the rudder. Contact us and we will first try to help you troubleshoot the problem. You may send it to us for repair. If it is normal wear and tear we will fix it free. You will be responsible for return shipping back to you. * Please Note-Our Return Policy for Electronics Does Not Include Battery Upgrade or Smart Charger

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